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Digital Marketing is new era marketing strategy, It consist inbound and outbound marketing. Now a days Number of Internet Users in the world are drastically increasing, According to Wikipedia there are 7.6 billion world population as of May 2018 and according to internetworldstats.com there are around 4.1 billion people internet user, means 54.4 % total population using internet. India’s Population is 1.21 billion as of 2011 census and India’s Internet Users by June 2018 over 500 million by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) Report. When we divide percentage wise internet user form Urban and Rural then Urban consist 66.84% internet user and Rural Area consist 20.26 %.

Digital marketing is way of marketing through digital channel, most of people is aware about outbound marketing, Outbound Marketing means where we attract customer by showing them advertisement, It is also called Push Marketing in which marketer forcing customer to buy some product by showing advertisement many times like in Digital  channel TV, Radio.  In inbound marketing Customer comes according to his needs, means if Customer want to search hotels in Mumbai, It means Customer really want hotel, So Hotels are not forcing costumer by showing him advertisement, This is true after seeing hotels information, hotels review, facility, which is more attractive for customer that he will choose. (Note-For more Customer attraction many businesses uses outbound with inbound marketing)

Reliance Jio has play major role in internet revolution in India, Jio brought people in Digital world, We can say that because of Jio internet users drastically increase.  Majority of people are using internet through Mobile, one research says that there are 70 % mobile users and 30% desktop users are active on internet.

Digital Marketing inbound strategy involves Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, and Email Marketing. Whereas Optimization means organic way where we do not pay money to search engine website or social website. One Research says that around 71% total population uses Google as search engine, Google is most popular search engine in India. So if you have business ranking in google means there is 71% chances of grow your business. Google+, YouTube and many are one of the Googles subsidiaries. Google, YouTube, Facebook are one of top sites in the world, most of people are either connect with that site or visit that site, So if business are listed on that site and if it visible for customer so it can attract customer by advertisement then there is major chances to grow any business. There is many important social media platform and professional platform like twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Whats App etc. Here using digital marketing we can target specific people, according to their interest.

Indian People are moving towards Internet as era changing from traditional behavior to online behavior that means earlier people were use Newspaper reading for latest update then people were use TV News for update but now a days people are using mobile for news latest update, People are so much active on social sites, they are shopping online, booking online, ordering online, Searching online etc. So there is broad scope of online Marketing in India.

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What is the future of Digital Marketing in India?

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